70% of HR Managers Say This Is The Biggest Interview Mistake. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Rajul Parekh    Apr 9, 2014 11:59:00 AM

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body-language-worstDid you know that your first handshake at an interview could be a dealbreaker?

Even as companies get wackier with their interview processes, it’s evident that subtle body language best practices, which we all forget from time to time, become increasingly imperative to score that dream job.

Below are five body language mishaps candidates make during interviews based on CareerBuilder’s latest national survey

  • Failure to make eye contact: 70%

  • Failure to smile: 44%

  • Bad posture: 35%

  • Fidgeting too much in one’s seat: 35%

  • Playing with something on the table: 29%

Check out the full 9 worst body language mistakes in the infographic below!

(Click infographic to enlarge.)


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Written by Rajul Parekh

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