8 Types of People That Managers HATE To Interview [VIDEO]

Posted by Joshua Rodriguez    Apr 11, 2014 10:23:00 AM

8 Types of People That Managers Hate To InterviewFinding hardworking and inspiring employees is the goal of every manager.

However, not every job candidate that comes your way is going to be qualified. 

Here are eight types of people that managers hate interviewing. Have you interviewed any of them before?

In this video we showcase the eight worst stereotypes of job candidates that real managers have encountered before. If you're interested in learning the biggest interview mistake that 70% of people make, check out our infographic.

These eight interviewee personalities not only waste your time, but can distract from other potential candidates for the job.

The Liar

Makes up the information on their resume and hides their references so you can't check to see if they're telling you the truth about their previous work experience.

The Slacker

Shows little interest in the position, dresses innapropriately and is more concerned with how they will be able to get by having to do the least amount of work possible.

The Silent One

Whether it's because they are too shy or don't really know how to speak well, this person gives simple undescriptive answers that leave you wondering why they even applied.

The Excuse Maker

Arrives late with a reason of course, along with several other reasons for why they aren't prepared. If they're showing up late for the first meeting, you can safely assume that they'll also show up late to work everyday.

The Flirt

Trying to get by on their looks and charm, this person will try to seduce you into giving them what they want. 

The Desperate One

Maybe they've been out of work for a while or hate their current job, but this person wants to be hired just to be hired. Their motivation to succeed in the position just isn't there for the right reasons.

The Egotist

Completely obsessed with their accomplishments, they speak as if you should feel honored to have them applying for the job. Their attitude borders vanity rather than pride in their work.

The Talker

They have a lot to say, but it just doesn't have anything to do with the job. They might share their life story or other completely unrelated experiences just to have someone to talk to.

What's your experience with horrible job interviews?

This video is part of our 'Ideas Made Easy: The Lighter Side of Business' series. Have any suggestions for future episodes or would you like to be featured in an upcoming episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Joshua Rodriguez

Josh is a video expert with a YouTube channel that gains 200,000 views per month. He blogs about his video experiments and strategies here at GetCourse.

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